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    For Donors

    Thank you for being interested in becoming a gut microbiota donor, it is very noble of you. The first step is to complete the following questionnaire – health questionnaire. It will take you a few – several minutes. The main thing is meticulousness and honesty. Remember that concealing anything or disregarding any questions may be harmful to the recipient. Let’s think together about a sick patient who is waiting for your material. We believe we can do it together.

    If you meet the basic criteria:

    • you are generally healthy, you have never been diagnosed with any chronic disease, you do not have allergies, you do not take medications,
    • in your immediate family, no cancer, mental or autoimmune diseases (RA, thyroid diseases, allergies) or other chronic diseases have been found so far,
    • you are not following any special diet,
    • your BMI is between 18.5 – 25,
    • if you are 18-50 years old.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

    For Donors


    You just handle it! Obtaining the material is “user friendly”: painless, non-invasive and comfortable thanks to a specially designed kit for collecting the material (feces) and a portable refrigerator for its storage. You return your material every day (or several times a week). The difference is the use of a special kit and the fact that you do not get rid of it aimlessly – you save human health and life.

    For Donors


    Step 1: Complete the Healthcare Screening Survey.
    Step 2: See the doctor (after positive verification of the questionnaire).
    Step 3: Do specialized tests to confirm that you are fully healthy as a donor.
    After passing the qualification, you will receive a special, dedicated kit for collecting material (feces) and a portable refrigerator for storing the material. The process of handing over the material is very simple: you inform the courier that the material is in the refrigerator. The courier picks up the refrigerator with the material at the indicated place, at the indicated time. He leaves another refrigerator and a new material bin. Reception can take place without the donor’s participation. It is enough to inform the courier that the material is ready to be taken.
    Hassle-free, isnt’t it?

    For Donors


    If you decide and show a minimum of sacrifice by donating material (feces) to the patient – it will undoubtedly be a priceless, extremely noble gift that saves health and life, which you give to the patient. Such a gift is difficult to convert into benefits, however, as a regular donor of HBI, you receive specific preventive, health and financially valuable benefits from us in gratitude:

    • we sponsor very expensive and specialized tests. These tests are repeated every 2-3 months, thanks to which you consciously control your health,

    • we provide passes to fitness clubs and subsidies for dietary catering (“box diet”) or

    • we co-finance comprehensive medical care packages in private facilities – we allocate up to PLN 2,000 per month for the donor (this is how much we can refund you) for the benefits themselves, plus the costs of all tests!

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    For Donors