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  • At the Human Biome Institute, we run a biobank – an archive of samples collected from microbiota donors and patients treated with our preparations. It has two goals: first, we collect samples to analyze the safety and effectiveness of the therapy. Second, we use these samples for continuous development and exploratory and scientific analyses. HBI’s […]

    Our Manufacturing Facility for FMT preparations is a modern laboratory designed directly to work with and produce gut microbiota preparations. Our production line is entirely anaerobic, which is ensured not only by anaerobic chambers but also by dedicated tools and our own prototypical or designed devices. The laboratory is focused on the safe and bacterial […]

    We produce FMT preparations in accordance with all the recommendations that have appeared so far. Even more, we have added our know-how and personalized protocols to make the production safer and to produce FMT characterized by high cellularity and viability of bacterial cells. We run a bank of gut microbiota donors. Our donors are selected […]

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    Archiwa Fecal Microbiota Transplantation