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  • The intestinal microbiota participates in the processes related to digestion and absorption of nutrients, and the bacteria that are part of the intestinal microbiota perform various functions, their correct quantitative and qualitative structure (referred to as the eubiosis state) supports the homeostasis of the whole organism, shaping immunity, metabolism and synthesis of numerous chemical compounds […]

    For Physician The art (but also satisfaction) of medicine is based on continuous education, improvement and treatment of patients in accordance with the latest medical knowledge. According to this knowledge, fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) is the most effective therapy in the treatment of recurrent and severe Clostridioides (formerly Clostridium) difficile (CDI) infections, and probably also […]

    Thank you for being interested in becoming a gut microbiota donor, it is very noble of you. The first step is to complete the following questionnaire – health questionnaire. It will take you a few – several minutes. The main thing is meticulousness and honesty. Remember that concealing anything or disregarding any questions may be […]

    We produce FMT preparations in accordance with all the recommendations that have appeared so far. Even more, we have added our know-how and personalized protocols to make the production safer and to produce FMT characterized by high cellularity and viability of bacterial cells. We run a bank of gut microbiota donors. Our donors are selected […]

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